Custom Player Skins

I thought I’d try and make it easier for people who want to try their hand at creating custom player skins for Amberfell. I made a template image with each section of the skin highlighted. Here it is with the default skin by the side for comparison.




The legend for each section of skin is as follows:

  • a - Hat, front 12x12
  • b - Hat, left 12x12
  • c - Hat, back 12x12
  • d - Hat, right 12x12
  • e - Hat, top 12x12
  • f - Head, front 12x12
  • g - Head, left 12x12
  • h - Head, back 12x12
  • k - Head, right 12x12
  • m - Head, under 12x12
  • n - Body, front 24x39
  • p - Body, left 12x39
  • r - Body, back 24x39
  • s - Body, right 12x39
  • t - Legs, front 11x42
  • u - Legs, side 11x42
  • v - Arms 9x33
  • w - Arm, end (hand) 9x9
  • x - Body, top 24x12
  • y - Arm, end (shoulder) 9x9
  • z - Hat, brim 18x3
Just for a bit of fun, if anyone wants to have a go at creating a skin, let me know and I'll do a video of the game using your skin.



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