Three Amberfell Videos

Not much text this time, just videos. First: the selection highlighting implemented as a colour on the block face rather than a jaggy square overlayed on it (I plan to reduce the radius that the player can interact with, and limit to blocks in front of them)

Second, a video showing block placement and removal, re-enabled using the new selection technique. It’s very smooth to use. At the end you can see the first outing of the debug console showing FPS and the player’s position (working out which direction I’m facing when debugging selections and interactions has been bugging me for ages). You may notice the scale of the terrain blocks has changed a little. I think I prefer it this way.

Finally, something I implemented today: a partial concept for the game GUI. The rotating blocks in the “brass” corner section are ones that the player can quickly access when building things. The empty spaces will be for “hand/interact”, “dig” and “weapon” and they’ll all have hotkeys. The brass steampunk style doesn’t really gel with the terrain textures but this is just a first pass to learn how to render in 2D on top of a 3D scene.


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