Permanancy of the Internet

<blockquote class="iquote">"Find a book<br class="nl" />If you found a book, try and read it<br class="nl" />Find a 100 year old book, try and read it<br class="nl" />Do you know what a punchcard is?<br class="nl" />Find a punchcard<br class="nl" />Try and find something that can read it<br class="nl" />How old are punchcards?<br class="nl" />Find a 360K floppy<br class="nl" />If you found one, try and get a machine to read it.<br class="nl" />If you found a 360K floppy with data on, try and read the data"</blockquote> (From an <a href="">article</a> about how fast storage and encoding media is changing and reminding us all that the plugins needed to view your content won't necessarily be available in 3 years time.)


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