Jakob Nielsen - Enemy of Web Design

To scroll or not to scroll? For years we've been told that people don't scroll, but the alternative is just as bad - articles split into a myriad of tiny fragments each on a seperate page with ads. Jorn Barger speaks up in his usenet posting, slating Jakob Nielson for inflicting these partworks on us. I suspect the real argument is not so much the size of the page but the impression the viewer gets in the first 3 seconds. That's the time it takes to judge whether it's going to be worth the wait or whether it's better to click 'Stop'. By a strange coincidence Jorn is also conducting a survey on page load times so keep a note and check Robot Wisdom later this week. Maybe it would be better to measure the time it takes for meaningful information to appear rather than the complete page. I might follow this up with a bit of research and some tips to help speed up page load times some time soon. Watch this space (or more precisely, the space above)

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