This is the last of today’s planned posts. It also marks the start of Amberfell becoming a playable game with defined goals so this is quite an exciting milestone. The new feature is the inventory screen and basic crafting capabilities. The screen itself is barebones, pending a future reskinning of the game, but it’s functional. You access it by pressing the ‘i’ key and it overlays over the main game view. The game still runs in the background.

Along the left are slots for the items you are currently carrying. I’ve taken the decision that it’ll be a lot more playable if your inventory shows everything you’ve picked up in one place rather than trying to be physically accurate and only allowing a limited number of items. That means you can carry 999 dirt blocks comfortably along with your 999 log walls.

The middle section is the handheld crafting area. There will be other crafting areas later on when you’ve built a workshop and the tools to go in it. Simply click on an item in your inventory to place it in the components section of the crafting area. Any items you can make with the selected components are shown in the product section of the crafting area. Simply click on them to add them to your inventory. Currently there are only three recipes in the game: tree trunks can be turned into log walls, log slabs or firewood. You’re going to end up with a lot of firewood because when you break up a placed log wall or slab they turn into firewood automatically!

Here’s the video showing this in action:

You can also control+click on an item in your inventory to add it to the “picker” at the bottom right. This represents the things you have easily to hand and when playing you can quickly switch them with the mouse or by pressing the 4,5,6,7,8 keys. The three other slots in the picker (no icons so you have to guess what I mean) are “interact/activate”, “break/dig” and “weapon”.


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