Nearly Infinite World

A little bit more progress on Amberfell today. The map now generates in chunks so you can walk the entire length and breadth of it. Previously it was only 20 blocks across and I had fixed it to wrap around to give the illusion of an endlessly scrolling map. Now you can go 32,000 blocks in any direction. It’s pretty boring at the moment though, only the central chunk has any stone features yet (and they’re pretty uninspiring). I also added a day/night cycle. When it gets dark your torch/lantern automatically comes on. Gives it a nice eerie feel. Wolves hunt at dusk…

The video looks quite jerky which I think is to do with the recording system I’m using. The actual game is pretty fluid. I’m only currently getting 20fps on my laptop which is about the same I get for Minecraft. My laptop has an integrated Intel gpu which is notorious for poor performance. I’m not rendering anything like the number of vertices Minecraft gets through though so I have read up on some ideas on how to speed it up. The fps doesn’t affect the playability now but getting it higher will be essential when I come to implement smoke and particle effects.


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