Ordnance Survey Linksets on Kasabi

I just published 5 new datasets in Kasabi. These are quite simple datasets that provide links between the Ordnance Survey Administrative Geography and various other geographic datasets hosted in Kasabi.

To create them I first extracted all the shapefile data from the Ordnance Survey dataset. Because the OS publish shapefile data in their RDF I could do this by simply running a sparql query on the Ordnance Survey dataset (here’s an example of one of the GML shapefiles). That streamed out about 800MB of JSON results, maxing out my ADSL bandwidth much to the frustration of the rest of the family!

To make each of my datasets I sparqled the target dataset to extract all the geographic points then simply checked each OS shapefile to see if it contained any of the points. I used the os:within and os:contains properties defined by the OS to link the regions to the points they contain.

Here are the linksets I created:

What are they useful for? Well, you can get a list of Norfolk's renewable energy generators or find out which consituency or county council to inform about the traffic incident that caused the closure of the A93 Spittal of Glenshee on 6th July 2011.

Finally, I licensed these under CC0 so there are no restrictions on how you can use them.

Permalink: http://blog.iandavis.com/2011/07/ordnance-survey-linksets-on-kasabi/

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