Kasabi Transit Data for New York City

I just published a new dataset on Kasabi: Transit data for Metropolitan Transportation Agency of New York City

The NYCTA operates the Staten Island Railway and the New York City Subway which covers Manhattan, The Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens. The Kasabi dataset was converted from their publicly available transit data which they publish in GTFS format.

The dataset I published on Kasabi is pretty rich. It contains details of each of the 27 routes operated by the agency including the official colours of the lines for use on a route map. Those routes encompass 493 stops each one of which is geolocated with latitude and longitude. The agency operates 19,000 services on those 27 routes, where each service is a combination of schedule and the particular set of stop serviced, split into inbound and outbound portions. These services include a full outline of the route in geoJSON format too for plotting on maps. Overall there are over half a million data items describing which service calls at which stop on a particular day and time, including distinct arrival and departure times and whether the service picks up, drops off or both. Information about special transfers between stops is also included.

I created a set of sample SPARQL queries that should help you get started. I also created a new transit vocabulary for representing this kind of data which based on the GTFS format. I plan to publish more GTFS conversions in the coming weeks. Hopefully feedback on this current Kasabi dataset will improve the schema design and the future conversions.

Permalink: http://blog.iandavis.com/2011/07/kasabi-transit-data-for-new-york-city/

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