OpenVocab 2

Over the weekend I uploaded a preview of OpenVocab 2 for public testing and feedback. This is a complete rewrite and introduces a number of new features:

  • Support for OpenID - all changes must be verified by logging in with OpenID (this should help with the spam problem)
  • Atom feeds for changes (all changes and per term)
  • Detailed views of each change
  • Users can recommend terms for deletion and for promotion to a more stable status (I, as superuser, can delete terms)

The design is simpler and cleaner (I'm using Blueprint CSS) and just more pleasant to use. I do want a bit of colour there though. Last time I released OpenVocab I made a request for logos and received two fantastic ones within days. If you have another idea, please let me know in the comments or by email because I want to run a poll to select the logo for the site. My only condition is that the logo licensing must be compatible with the public domain ethic of OpenVocab. As a reminder, here are last time's submissions:

Benjamin Nowack:

Darren Geraghty


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