The Web is RMR not MVC

Last year I wrote a short post titled MVC Obscures the Mechanics of the Web that drew together some other peoples writings on why MVC is poorly matched to the web. I didn't give an alternative though, apart from indirectly in the comments. Now Paul James has written a succinct description of that alternative and christened it RMR - Resource Method Representation.

In RMR (which is simply REST as seen on the Web) the user interacts with resources using representations via restricted set of methods. As Paul explains, typically this is implemented as a set of classes representing the resources, a set of Response classes and some kind of routing to tie it all together. This is how frameworks like Tonic (written by Paul) and Konstrukt work. It's also how my RDF framework Paget works, although that is very immature at the moment and doesn't cover responses very well.

Here's to banishing MVC from the web :)


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