Sad News from Mozzanella

I'm writing this from the depths of the Tuscan countryside overlooking mountains and chestnut forests. I'm staying with Danny Ayers at his house in Mozzanella near Castelnuovo di Garfagnana. Danny has often invited me over to stay with him and I've finally made it but unfortunately it's not a trip I can enjoy. Sadly I'm here because Danny's wife, Caroline, passed away last Saturday. It was a real shock because it happened so quickly. She was diagnosed with Leukemia only about two weeks ago and died from complications arising from her treatment.

I only met Caroline a few times but even in those brief conversations she struck me as an amazingly intelligent and independent woman, with a depth of artistic talent. She was also a real rock for Danny.

Danny is doing ok, but I don't think it's really sunk in yet. The myriad dogs and cats that share this house are more than enough to keep him busy and the neighbours are incredibly supportive and helpful. In fact it's pretty obvious that he and Caroline are much loved. I'm here for a few days and a series of family members are turning up over the next few weeks. However, I'm sure Danny would love to hear from his friends online.


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