Platform at SWIG-UK, Bristol

Last Friday I gave a presentation on the Talis Platform to the SWIG meeting, kindly hosted by HP Labs Bristol. I've posted the slides up at our n2 developer community site. They're not much to look at but I wrote them to be informative rather than suggestive. Although I love seeing beautifully spare presentations being given, they frustrate me when I want to go back and see what the speaker said and find a picture of a butterfly on a flower :)

Nad's written a good summary over on his blog and managed to capture the questions I was asked at the end too, which is nice to see after the event. The whole day was brilliant with lots of chances to natter and catch up with everyone. I met lots of new people too and everyone seemed to be doing something interesting. I even managed to harangue Stuart Williams off of the W3C TAG on my recent Web architecture posts. Andy said about 50 people were attending despite there being no marketing of the event at all which is a good indicator of the rising popularity of the Semantic Web. Talis are planning to host a SWIG meeting like this in the middle of next year - hopefully we can get more people from the Midlands interested.

There were plenty of other cool presentations on the day too. Nad and Rob were blogging but couldn't post them live for some reason so check out their sites and Nodalities too in the coming days. I particularly enjoyed Leigh's talk on Facet, another templating framework for RDF, this time in bog-standard Java allowing the use of JSP and/or Velocity; Richard's talk on Sindice (which I didn't get to see at ISWC and for us ignorant Brits is pronounced "sin-dee-chee"); and Graham's talk on image publication. All great stuff!


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