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Like TechCrunch, I'm keeping an eye on this space. Our Story seems the best of the bunch: executing on an idea I had about 3 years ago. Total credit to them though - they executed and I didn't! I hope they succeed because social sharing of memories and experiences seems like a great market to be in if the success of sites like FriendsReunited is anything to go by. I'm disappointed that there's no API since I'm itching to understand more about their datamodel. Modelling time, events and situations is tricky especially when you allow relative expressions of time such as "while I was at primary school", "before I moved away from Nottingham", "while my Dad was travelling overseas". Our Story aren't doing anything as sophisticated as that yet but it's only a matter of time before they integrate a clickable timeline to add and arrange events in your life. Hopefully by then they'll have an API to export all the data too. One for me to watch and experiment with...


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