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Via ComputerWorld comes more news of how the genealogy world is hotting up. For example, provides:

Gone are the days when families filled neighborhoods and Aunt Geraldine lived down the street with your 7 cousins. Now you can keep in touch with a family blog. The blog is a fantastic way to share good news with the whole family, like a promotion or a new baby. Reminisce about childhood memories, share genealogy breakthroughs, get to know your distant cousins, or plan a family reunion.

And SaaS too:

If you are going on a genealogy scouting trip, you don’t have to pack up all of your loose papers. Just bring a laptop and access your family tree website online. If you travel for work, evenings can be hard to fill, but it’s a great time to work on your family history. You can also work on it during your lunch hour, waiting for a flight, or anywhere you have access to the internet.

I still don't see anything that would attract professional genealogists who would favour an evidence based approach to research, but this space is certainly getting a lot of interest.


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