Talis Summer Ball 2007 - Part 4: The Music

We were entertained by a great band that did a fantastic job of covering the best of the seventies, even dipping into the eighties for a bit when they exhausted all the good stuff from the decade fashion forgot. However, at midnight, the band we'd all been waiting for took the stage: our very own Talis house band! These pictures are a little low on light, but then it was a dark and moody set.

Here they are setting up:

The lead singer kept dashing offstage for, what we suspect, was special "musician's refreshment"

Finally back together:

Terry Willan on rhythm guitar:

Dave Whitehouse on lead guitar:

Dave Robinson on bass and vocals:

Ian Malpass on vocals:

And finally, a rare treat: a never-before heard recording of this elusive band!


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