Italian Connections

We launched a major refresh of our website yesterday, one that makes it pretty clear that, as well as the existing business, the platform is very important to us now and in the future. If you peruse the platform pages you'll hopefully come to realise that we're talking about something that's pure technology and completely domain agnostic. The platform is designed to be useful to anyone who wants to deal with web scale information storage and analysis.

In parallel we're opening up access to the platform for early adopters to experiment and learn. We're also hoping that their activities and feedback will help us learn how to make the platform even more useful and compelling. We still have a few slots left for semweb developers.

So if you're interested in joining in drop me a line... um actually, don't do that. Instead, drop Danny a line. Yes, I'm pleased to say that Danny Ayers is joining Talis to lead our platform developer community. He's going to be in charge of seeding and nurturing the community and making sure they're successful with their applications and projects. Don't worry though: I'm sure he'll still be blogging on every subject under the sun, from owl to cats! In fact, I want Danny to carry on doing what he's best at: connecting people. Hopefully some of those people will want to use the Talis Platform, and then it's up to the rest of the team to ensure that we're providing the best possible experience for developers.

I'm hugely excited that Danny is joining us and the bonus is: free holidays in Italy!


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