Future of Consoles

I thought this was deliciously funny:

My favorite part of Wii Sports, though, is the boxing game. My [9 year old] daughter and I had created avatars that looked like us and we used these avatars to box with each other. We each held a controller in out fists and punched at the air, making our little avatars punch at the same time. When the bell rang, I started pummeling my daughter. Yes, it felt a little funny hitting a cute cartoon avatar of my daughter wearing glasses and pigtails, but after losing to her so many times in MonkeyBall, I wasn't going to let the fact that I was her father get in the way of my chance to get revenge.

Finally it looks as though us older types can stand up to the tyranny of our children and their complete mastery of console games!

In related news it looks like the Playstation 3 is going to be the most powerful console system ever. I've not been following it very carefully but even the mention of things like IBM's Cell Broadband Engine which apparently provides the equivalent computing power of eight microprocessors sounds exciting. Then there's the neat way the console is designed to be backwards compatible with the PS2: by including one on the motherboard!

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