Boston in the Fall

I'm writing this sitting on a Virgin Atlantic airplane somewhere over Newfoundland. We've been flying over the atlantic with the sun on our heels for about five hours and we've got less than two left before arrival in Boston. I'm flying with Sam with whom I work closely at Talis. The trip was originally planned just for the Web 2.0 conference but it's turned into a bit of a monster with people making suggestions like "Why not stop off in Boston on the way and say hi to some people?" or "Oh did you know that ISWC is also on while you're over there!" and "The guys at the Library of Congress are doing some interesting stuff... Washington's on your way isn't it?". The result being that we're flitting around the USA for about 2 weeks.

Here's the itinery, marked up using embedded RDF of course:

  1. 1 Nov - 4 Nov: Boston
  2. 4 Nov - 6 Nov: Athens, Georgia for ISWC 2006
  3. 6 Nov - 12 Nov: San Francisco for Web 2.0
  4. 12 Nov - 13 Nov: Washington

I'll be blogging anything interesting here and also over on Nodalities.


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