Gimme My Data!

Jeff Veen relates a conversation he had with a sales rep of a company that makes heart rate monitors::

"So, when I download my data, can I export it into something usable - maybe Excel or a text file?" I asked him.

"Well, sure. That's theoretically possible," he replied. "But there's really no reason you'd need to. Our software does absolutely everything you need for in-depth tracking of your workouts. In fact..."

"Really?" I interrupted. "Can I geotag the data and plot exertion against my favorite routes on Google Maps?"

Read the rest for a good laugh. It's not suprising that Jeff was prominant at the Web 2.0 conference. Jeff's final words echo a key sentiment of the new thinking:

I've long believed that customers of any application own the data they enter into it. What could possibly be more personal than the beating of my own heart?


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