A Spectre Haunting the Enterprise

Peter Rip writes on Enterprise Web 2.0:

Today's Enterprise IT budgets continue to be largely defined by the consolidation happening in the legacy software businesses. Over the next 24 months I think we will see are a lot of IT folks doing heavy lifting with legacy apps by day and playing with lightweight Web 2.0 technologies by night. The innovation at the edge is going to wash into the Enterprise. And when it does, we're going to see IT Departments finally see a platform shift worth making. The potential losers are the legacy vendors with their 'software mainframes.' The winners will be the companies that package componentized functionality with light, maybe even non-procedural, methods of stitching together flexible Web applications quickly.

Too right! It's going to happen from the outside in and it's going to be grounded in the Web. This is exactly the thinking that's happening at Talis, specifically around our Silkworm project where we're bringing together all kinds of components to create a genuinely new type of development platform.

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