VANN Vocabulary Update

See if I can still remember how to work this weblog thingamajig... :)

I've just updated the VANN vocabulary. This is little RDF vocabulary for making annotations on RDF schemas. I use it on to annotate the vocabularies with usage notes, examples etc. VANN now validates as OWL Lite whereas before it was OWL Full, primarily due to laziness on my part. OWL Lite is the most restrictive of the OWL flavours and it means that vocabularies that import VANN won't be importing OWL Full dependencies.

This change was prompted by the new OWL Time work. I've been waiting for a revision to the old DAML-Time ontology for both PlaceTime and the BIO vocabulary. I want to make BIO OWL DL compliant if possible, hence the update to VANN, which BIO uses.

Watch this space for some thoughts on where BIO will be going in the future.


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