I went to Weybridge today for a friend's leaving lunch. He was the first person we hired into the newly created BCG team at Sony way back in 1997. This was back when the people at Sony UK had barely heard of the web and was owned by some guy in one of the factories in Wales. We built the team, educated the company about the Internet and then the time came for me to say goodbye - I'd got the startup bug. The team grew, changed and shrank again and when I went back these were the people left. Things were very different the second time round: Sony was in a vastly different economic situation and morale was at an all time low. Now the end has come for BCG: I departed again ages ago, Kerry and Dave, on the right have gone, Mark (on the left) went today, Dan (standing at the back) goes in 6 weeks. I'm going to miss them all . . . they gave me some of the best days of my life.


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