This looks very useful: Turtle - Terse RDF Triple Language (formerly N-Triples Plus) by Dave Beckett. It's an extension to N-Triples adding some of the neat features from Notation3 which makes it a pretty sensible alternative to RDF/XML. For comparison, here are the RDF/XML and RDF/Turtle versions of my RSS 1.0 feed and the RDF/XML and RDF/Turtleversions of my FOAF. It's certainly easier to read and write but you have to be careful with your punctuation - it's very easy to forget the (.) at the end of each set of triples. One niggle which I think also applies to Notation3 is that no punctuation (. , or ;) is allowed in the last triple of an blank node. It would be nice to allow a semicolon so that you're less likely to forget to add it when aappending new triples. (This is a common idiom when writing lists in Perl). Another clear advantage over the RDF/XML is that this style lends itself to appending triples. Appending to an XML document, let alone an RDF/XML one, is a non-trivial task making it harder to build logging applications that write XML logs. Nice work.

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