Danny Hillis on Richard Feynman

Danny Hillis, founder of Thinking Machines, writes about Richard Feynman, and how he became involved with Thinking Machines' Connection Machine. If you'ev ever seen the Feynman lectures, or luckier still attended one in person, you'll know what a fantastic talent Feynman's had for explaining some of the most complex physics around:

We tried to take advantage of Richard's talent for clarity by getting him to critique the technical presentations that we made in our product introductions. Before the commercial announcement of the Connection Machine CM-1 and all of our future products, Richard would give a sentence-by-sentence critique of the planned presentation. "Don't say `reflected acoustic wave.' Say echo." Or, "Forget all that `local minima' stuff. Just say there's a bubble caught in the crystal and you have to shake it out." Nothing made him angrier than making something simple sound complicated.

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