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This Medley posting caught my eye:

some guy, who apparently hasn't even been weblogging a year yet, has decided to proclaim to all and sundry that if you don't follow his set of 10 rules, then you're 'highly annoying.' Good grief. Let's see, you must have comments, you must use trackback, you must have an about page, you must provide an RSS feed, you must have a blogroll, and so on. No, no, no. Here's Medley's 'rule': You must write something interesting. Period.

As any long-term reader of this site (there are a few!) knows I'm not a stereotypical 'blogger':

  • I don't write much about me
  • I try not to post links to stuff that other people have linked to (I assume anyone reading Internet Alchemy is probably reading the other sites too).
  • I've dallied with comments several times over the past four years but when it comes down to it they're just another type of bulletin board and who want's to sit there refreshing a web page every 30 seconds?
  • Since coming back from hiatus last year I've made a real effort to focus on original content creation rather than the link and witty comment style of posting. It means the volume of postings is way down, but I hope there's more value in what I post.
  • I'm not a natural conversationalist so I don't try to carry out faux conversations on the web with people I don't know.
  • I don't follow the blog crowd so I wasn't surprised to find out who Raging Platypus was, but I'm still puzzling over BlogShares.


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