Business Premises

It struck me over the weekend that the business markup that I suggested last week had a major weakness: it assumed that the business only had one address. Of course, most businesses have several addresses so I'm introducing a new element: premises. location is now not a property of a Business and nor is hoursOfBusiness. Instead, these are properties of the Business's premises and of course a business can have several premises

What kind of premises can a Business own? Off the top of my head I can think of Shop, Office, Warehouse, Factory etc. WordNet lists many more such as Hotel, Casino, Mall Nightclub etc.

Here's a revised example, showing how a Business has a premises property, the value of which is a Shop. The Shop has a location and an hoursOfBusiness:

  <name>Glenwood Cafe</name>
          <street>Glenwood Avenue</street>
          <town>Southend on sea</town>
          <country>United Kingdom</country>
          <postcode>SS0 91S</postcode>


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