Selling Personal Data On Ebay

This guy is selling over 800 pages of his personal data he obtained through the UK's data protection act. We hear all the time about the vast amounts of data that supermarkets and retailers could potentially gather but we never hear of them using it in any really productive manner, aside from sending out coupons for baby food when they spot you buying nappies (diapers). Found via Julian Bond.

I have collected my personal information, as is my right under the data protection act 1998, from my bank account, my supermarket reward card, my mobile phone service provider and a credit reference agency.

Lloyds TSB: Approximately 500 pages of personal data including an analysis of banking products they believe I might be interested in. Also includes overdraft limit maintenance history (hand written), risk management history data (93 pages) and a full list of letters sent over the previous 5 years (completed by hand). All data and codes come with explanatory notes provided by Lloyds TSB. Original cost £ 10.

Sainsbury's: Dated 12 July 2001, this data is split into five separate reports. Report 1. Operational report (name and address etc.) Report 2. Operational report again, with summarised details and the last 31 transactions on the card. Report 3. Drawn from the main data repository and includes the 'Acorn' standard marketing categorisation. Includes the assumption that we are 'better-off inner-city executives living in a partially gentrified multi- ethnic area'. Report 4. Shows the transactions made using our reward card. Report 5. This is a list of EVERYTHING we bought from Sainsbury's over a 3 year period - where we bought it and how much we paid. This data has been co-produced with my partner whose individual data has been removed.


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