Discontinued RSS Channels

Back in the early days of RSS (1999 or thereabouts) I used to run a web scraping tool called RSSMaker to demonstrate how RSS could be produced from HTML. I stopped running that tool almost two years ago, however I get huge numbers of requests for the dozen or so channels that it used to produce. These channels have been returning 404 status for nearly two years yet some news aggregators are still requesting them several times a day. If you're running one of the aggregators then please remove any url prefixed with http://blog.iandavis.com/channels/rss/ from your database.

If you're looking for a replacement then try looking on Syndic8 which has the largest directory of RSS channels. If you can't fin what you're looking for there, then try myRSS, a direct ancestor of RSSMaker that lets you create your own RSS channels from virtually any news site.

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