myRSS Beta

I'm a little late posting this but I've recently launched the beta version of a new service. It's called myRSS and it lets you create your own RSS channel from just about any news site.

There are already over 200 channels that have been created by users in the past couple of days and they're still being added at about one every twenty minutes!

The robot that does the hard work is an evolution of something called rssmaker, shich some of you might remember as RSS channel scraper that I wrote and operated a few years ago. I resurrected the source code because there were a couple of sites that I really wanted to subscribe to in my Blagg powered news aggregator. I rewrote the whole thing over the past couple of weeks and decided to launch it as a free service. I'm planning a sort of sponsorship scheme for channels in the future. If you're interested then read more about it and do the survey. Thanks.


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