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At first sight sharing subscription money between bloggers is an idea that might just work:

[L]et's use the Disneyland approach: "entrance to the park costs money, and all the rides are free." We'll pay one price for unlimited access to all of the blogs -- say, just $2.99 per month.

[L]et's automatically divide our payment among all of the bloggers we read, based on how often we read each one. In other words, if you read Jill more than Jack, Jill gets that much more of your payment. If you never read Sam, Sam doesn't get any of your payment.

However, it's pretty obvious that most of the participants are simply trying to get as many readers as possible and they'll try any trick to do it. One clue is in the name of some of the blogs: Confessions of a porn writer, Naughty Bits. Another is in the content of some of the other blogs: Baby Jesus butt plugs - I got this idea from another blog to use subject names that attract..


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