The .NET Cost: Who Pays?

The .NET Cost: Who Pays? The final part of Bertrand Meyer's run of articles on .NET and Eiffel. Strangely, the overall tone of the article is positive towards the CLS despite virtually every section describing some flaw in the rules required for CLS compatibility. At the end Meyer predicts a Language Renaissance which certainly seems imminent considering the plethora of new and old languages announcing .NET versions over the past couple of weeks. [via Sam]

CLS compliance matters only for software elements that you wish to export to modules written in other languages, or import from them. So as long as you're talking to your own friends on your own team, you can indulge in whatever pleasures you've enjoyed in the past. It's only when other teams join the game that you must start thinking about maintaining proper appearance.

Even then, it's still only about appearance. What you really do is between you and your conscience; CLS compliance matters only for what you reveal to the rest of the world. As long as the view you present is CLS compliant, it's no one's business that it might serve as a cover to non-CLS politically correct games. Don't ask, don't tell.


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