Is 2.5G enough?

No url, but here's an interesting comment from David Chamberlain in a recent issue of the Fierce Wireless email newsletter:

				There is no appreciable demand anywhere for broadband services, wired or wireless.
				In the U.S., telecom foot-dragging -- and the demise of Napster -- has reduced demand
				and availability for fixed broadband services. Without widespread access to broadband,
				developers are sticking to lower-bandwidth offerings.
				I&rsquo;m sure that there will be very compelling 3G applications. I&rsquo;m sure
				that there will ultimately be a strong demand for mobile data
				services, graphics, games, multimedia messaging, streaming video and
				audio&hellip; any one of them could be the next "killer app". The problem is,
				though, that 2.5G networks have the capability to work just fine,
				thank you very much. Carriers like DoCoMo and J-Phone make money and
				customers buy new handsets in large numbers. In those terms, it makes
				you wonder who would spend the money on a 3G networks when 2.5G is
				working so well. It&rsquo;s a slippery slope and it looks as if we&rsquo;re
				starting to slide right down. 2.5G could, for the time being, be good


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