Perl 6 - Apocalypse 2

Larry Wall has published the second of his Perl 6 apocalypse articles. With this article we start to get an inkling into just how different Perl is going to be next time round...

                    ...Perl programmers must learn to write @foo[1] where they used to write $foo[1].
                    I think most Perl 5 people will be able to get used to this, since many of them found the
                    current syntax a bit weird in the first place.
                    Various special punctuation variables are gone in Perl 6, including all the deprecated ones.
                    $#foo is gone. If you want the final subscript of an array, and [-1] isn't good
                    enough, use @foo.end instead.


                Typeglobs are gone. Instead, you can get at a variable object through the symbol table hashes that are
                structured much like Perl 5's. The variable object for $MyPackage::foo is stored in: %MyPackage::{'$foo'}




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