Napster Interview

One person's nightmare interview as Napster:

                One friend of ours told me about a recent experience he had at Napster. They
                 were apparently hiring QA people to "develop automation" and he thought,
                 yeah, I can do that. Talked to a recruiter on the phone. They asked what he
                 was looking for, salarywise, and he threw $100K out, figuring they ought to
                 be able to afford it. They didn't even blink so he went in for an official

                At the first interview, the interviewer mentioned at one point, "You're okay
                 with putting in long hours, right? 'Cause we tend to put in a LOT of hours."
                 He thinks, yeah, okay, some twelve hours days, 60 hours a week, I have no
                 personal life, I can do that, sure.

                At the second interview, the interviewer says, "Did the last person tell you
                 about the long hours? Whatever she said, she was probably understating." It
                 turns out this second interviewer, who would have been a direct peer of his,
                 had come to the interview at the tail end of 36 straight hours at work. She
                 was going to go home for twelve hours and then be back to do another one.

                Then she showed him what their "QA department" is doing these days.

                They don't even have cube farms. They have long tables set up with systems
                 in a row at which people are sitting around the clock, manually looking
                 through endless lists of every single file that goes into and out of napster,
                 searching for copyright violation material concealed in every possible way.
                 M3TALL1CA PHAD3 2 BLAKK, ding! Flag it. KCALB OT EDAF ACILLATEM, ding! Flag
                 it. Anything that sits in their hands for 72 hours and turns out to be a
                 copyright violation, they're fucked. So they have rows of drones looking at
                 everything and trying to figure out every possible way people can disguise
                 band and song names.

                "We need to develop a better way to do this. You up to the task?"

                He got the fuck out of there.


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