WAP User Agent List

The WAP User Agent List is offline temporarily. I want to bring it back, but I want to take this opportunity to make some changes that will make it even more useful. My current plans are to break the list down by hardware manufacturer (Ericsson, Nokia, Motorola etc) and software manufacturer (Openwave, Nokia, Microsoft etc) and also to record gateway information. Then I want to take the header information that has been collected and use that to start profiling the different devices properly, i.e. what content types they accept, what character sets they support. Then I'd like to add physical information to that, screen height and width, types of input device, cache sizes etc. This isn't going to be easy which is why I want to ask your opinions about how this should be done and what types of information you'd like to see. Once the project is underway the data will be made freely available in a variety of xml formats. Please use the comments box on the agent list page to share your thoughts.

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