Growth of the Web

      <em>12 Jul 2000 7:40 GMT</em>
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A new survey by <a href="">Cyveillance</a> estimates that there are 2.1 billion
pages on the web, and that it's growing at 7 million pages per day.
Some other stats they gathered in their survey:

<br class="nl" />Average size of pages: 10,060 bytes
<br class="nl" />Average number of internal links per page: 23
<br class="nl" />Average number of external links per page: 5.6
<br class="nl" />Average number of images on a page: 14.4
<br class="nl" />Percentage of US vs. international pages: 84.7% /15.3%
I wonder how many of those 2 billion pages are actually useful? Less
than 1%?
Also, how effective are search engines going to be as the web
becomes larger? What's the next step for them? I'm interested in how
people currently search for information, so I've set up a little
<a href="">poll</a>:

      <em>When searching for information about a particular topic, which do you
turn to first? (Search Engine, Directory, Other)</em>

It's deliberately vague on the concept of information. Imagine you
need to understand a particular technology you've never used before,
where do you look first to find information about it?


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