New Microsoft XML Parser Available

Microsoft has released a new version of MSXML for public review. It's the first version to support the XSLT recommendation. The change documentation lists the XSL features not supported in this new release: xsl:transform

  • xsl:import
  • default-space, xsl:strip-space, xsl:preserve-space
  • xsl:apply-imports
  • named templates, xsl:call-template
  • xsl:namespace-alias
  • named attribute sets
  • xsl:number
  • case-order attribute
  • lang attribute
and in the XPath implementation: following
  • following-sibling
  • preceding
  • preceding-sibling
  • namespace
  • lang
  • sum
  • floor
  • ceiling
  • round
Well, at least the XSLT engine appears to be usable and they even include a stylesheet to transform the old IE5 XSL style sheets into the shiny new XSLT ones.


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