Hint of Linux on Palmtops

The Palm Infocenter are reporting that the new Handspring Visor can have it's OS replaced though the use of a Springboard expansion module.

Depending on how quickly they can ramp things up, you can expect to see Handspring devices that are entirely run via Linux, possibly even the BeOS. If Apple still intends to enter the palmtop market, it might be via a joint-venture with Handspring, and that unit can contain an OS that was written by Apple, with *no* royalties flowing into the coffers of Palm Computing. Java, heralded as another Next Big Thing, can also find its way into a Handspring device.
Now, what I'd like to see is a little handheld device running a Java based OS that is Jini enabled. I want to be able to start a computational task and see it offloaded onto the nearest server via infrared, which would then beam the results back to my PDA. I only need a couple of MB persistent storage, the rest should be accessible wherever I am via the net via a central repository. I don't want colour, or fancy graphics, I want a device that needs recharging once a week only. Anybody working on such a device?

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