Weblog Critiques

Jorn, defacto godfather of the weblog, is at it again. This time he's reviewing weblogs. He says that he doesn't want to traumatize the weblog community. I'd hate to see a traumatizing review if his remarks about Dwelling are an example of a soft review. Now I want to know who's going to review RobotWisdom? If it were me I'd start with the unreadable, incomprehensible list of links at the very top of the page. Anyone care to explain these:

Google: NN IE HelpFAQ Interact: group, anon, my netnews, mail me. Backup
Do they make any sense? And what about the fact that i can't link to any part of RobotWisdom's page. The best i can do to refer to his weblog critique is to link to http://www.robotwisdom.com/#main and look at the 5th paragraph on Aug 25th. Hmmm. Not nice. Content's not bad though ;)

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