My.Userland Woes

I'm so fed up with It's completely unusable in Netscape and is about the only site I have to switch to IE for. The main problem is the slowness of the server which leads to it truncating it's output. That means that because the whole page is in one huge table, it ends up losing the <table> tags. That causes Netscape to choke and you end up with a nice blank screen. Even in IE it takes five or six attempts to get a channel listing on screen, every other time it's broken off half way through. I wonder how many of those hits on the hit counter are from people reloading just to get a full page displayed. The site has been like it for as long as I can remember and it's got to the point where I'm giving up on it completely. If you want an alternative that has works on all the major browsers you can try our own <Blatent_Plug>The Web Starts Here</Blatent_Plug>.


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