Goodbye RSSMaker

Well the time has come to shut down RSSMaker. Don't worry though cos all the old RSSMaker channels have been moved to StartsHere. Previously StartsHere had been picking up the RSSMaker channels and parsing them into the database. Obviously it makes more sense to skip the RSS creation stage and pump the headlines straight into the database. You can still access all the channels as either RSS 0.90 or RSS 0.91 at their old locations - I've added the appropriate redirects. But if you want more channels check out the StartsHere channel list. We've added a lot of new unique channels that would previously been added to RSSMaker and you can get any of the 214 channels as RSS (see the backend for details) so you can add them to your favourite channel viewer or use StartsHere as it is.

By the way there are some other sites with channel listings that have more than 214 channels but all of the ones on StartsHere are checked regularly and are known to be working. To prove the point we also have 120 channels in the databasethat you don't see because their XML is bad or the files are unavailable when we check them.


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