Technocrat is Bruce Perens new, weblog style project:

"TECHNOCRAT's primary mission is to encourage technically-litererate people to participate in the determination of technology policy. Most technology policy is decided by bureaucrats rather than technocrats. Politicians and their staff are writing the policy on issues like genetics, the internet, cryptography, and privacy, often without sufficient input from people who actually understand these topics. The media doesn't help: news gives us the background for determining policy, yet financial pressures force most news agencies to program at a low intellectual level to appeal to the most viewers or readers. Thus, they give sports events priority over space flight, and today's ratings priority over mankind's future. TECHNOCRAT's purpose is to empower the technically-literate person: by giving you the information you need to make decisions about the policies that effect your future, and byshowing you how to get your voice heard in the halls of government. "


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