The Future of RSS

Lots of things are happening with the RSS format at the moment. Dave Winer started a discussion that led into the rights and wrongs of syndicating other people's headlines. This then led to a response from Jeff Veen at Wired saying that they'd start work on an RSS version of their site. Now Netscape have written hinting at some of their future plans, including a DTD for the RSS format. If you want a preview, look here. Netscape also have some official documents about the future of RSS.

The main point behind the success of the RSS format is it's simplicity and I'm not sure we want to overly complicate the format. I'd like to see the optional addition of a summary of the item and the date it was updated. it would also be nice to have some more information about the owner of the channel.. A lot of this also belongs in the OCS channel listing format.


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