Death of CORBA?

ObjectWatch have a revealing article in their latest issue. The OMG have selected EJB for their Component Middleware which basically goes against the entire foundation of CORBA as a platform and language neutral architecture. It has to be said that much of the CORBA work going on these days is in Java but selecting a 'binary' standard in this manner mirrors COM too much for my liking. The article pulls no punches:

"Sun's interest has changed considerably since the days it played a leading role in bringing the industry together under the OMG banner. Today, Sun's only interest in the OMG is as a rubber stamp organization for Sun's own Java technologies. Based on this latest OMG press release, it appears that Sun has finally achieved its goal."
"How, I ask, can the OMG be taken seriously when it backs an "industry standard" that allows less than 1/12 of all programmers to write code for the middle tier?"
and as a finale:
"If the OMG is unable to pull together to create a true, language neutral industry standard for the middle tier, then perhaps it's time to conduct more than a postmortem of CORBA 3.0. Perhaps it's time to conduct a postmortem of the OMG."
All of this has to suggest that OMG has lost it's way with CORBA and that anyone who supports it now is simply pouring money down the drain.


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