Microsoft’s CFM to Rival JVM?

Steven Lucco, a researcher at Microsoft is speaking at Software Developent 99 regarding a new virtual machine that can run C++, Visual Basic and Java. It's called CVM (Cool VM as in COOL, the Java killer Microsoft is rumored to be developing?) which

" incorporates novel fault isolation, bytecode, and program compression technologies that eliminate many of the performance barriers currently inhibiting widespread adoption of virtual machine application platforms. As development lead and principal architect of CVM, Steve is in a unique position to describe how these emerging technologies are affecting the evolution of virtual machine platforms."
I wonder how much of this is based on the Omniware system's OmniVM that Steven was working on in his pre-Microsoft days. Omniware relies on a technique called Software Fault Isolation which checks at runtime that addresses are within legal address space. The OmniVM itself is based on a RISC instruction set and dynamically compiles the bytecode to native code at execution time.


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