Another IE5 Easter Egg

After the easter egg noted on MozillaZine last week, another one has been found:

     </p><blockquote class="iquote">"1, Open up Notepad<br class="nl" />2, Type: &amp;lt;!-- introducing the Trident team --&amp;gt;<br class="nl" />3, Save the file as "test.htm" (make sure you add the quotes or .txt will be added to the end)<br class="nl" />4, Open up "test.htm" in IE5<br class="nl" />5, IE5 Easter Egg #1 is shown!"</blockquote>Thanks to <a href="">NT FAQ</a> for this one. Of course it's a little harder for an open source browser like Mozilla to have Easter Eggs since everyone can see what's in the code.


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