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  1. Wikileaks needs to break away from Julian Assange


    17 August 2012 by Ian Davis

    The latest episode of the Julian Assange story once again damages Wikileaks and its mission. By refusing to refute and …
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  2. Is 303 Really Necessary?


    4 November 2010 by Ian Davis

    A few months back I threw out a question on Twitter: what breaks on the web if we use status …
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  3. The Linked Data Brand


    21 July 2009 by Ian Davis

    Paul Miller has kicked off a twitstorm with his simple question: does linked data require RDF?. My contention is that …
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  4. Google’s RDFa a Damp Squib


    13 May 2009 by Ian Davis

    It’s been an interesting week for embedding metadata in HTML. Yesterday I was exploring html5 microdata and today Google announce …
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  5. Happy People


    6 December 2008 by Ian Davis

    Stowe Boyd picks up on some very interesting research that suggests that people’s happiness is related to the happiness of …
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