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  1. Why Service Architectures Should Focus on Workflows

    31 March 2014 by Ian Davis

    Since this week saw the 15th anniversary of this blog I thought I’d celebrate by actually writing a post, and …
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  2. 5 Weeks of Go


    23 May 2012 by Ian Davis

    I promised a few people that I’d write up my impressions of Go after spending 5 or so weeks learning …
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  3. Sketch of a Reformulation of RDF


    26 November 2011 by Ian Davis

    I’ve been mulling over this alternate way of thinking about RDF, one that is resource-oriented rather than triple-oriented. This is …
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  4. The Real Challenge for RDF is Yet to Come


    18 August 2011 by Ian Davis

    One often overlooked advantage that RDF offers is its deceptively simple data model. This data model trivializes merging of data …
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  5. In Search of Ambiguity


    7 July 2011 by Ian Davis

    This is inspired by Jeni’s recent blog post What do URIs mean anyway? where she writes: The imperfection of the …
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  6. Big Ben

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    7 July 2011 by Ian Davis

    Ambiguous references happen in the real world all the time. For example, the name Big Ben is used to refer to the …
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  7. Usability of JSON Serializations of RDF

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    6 April 2011 by Ian Davis

    Thomas Steiner produced a wiki page showing how various RDF + JSON proposals serialized a particular RDF graph as part …
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  8. Is Idiomatic JSON for RDF Desirable?


    21 March 2011 by Ian Davis

    The RDF Working Group seems to be making some useful progress in many areas. However, they are circling around the …
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  9. My Feedback on SPARQL 1.1 Uniform HTTP Protocol for Managing RDF Graphs


    15 December 2010 by Ian Davis

    I sent the following feedback yesterday to the W3C SPARQL Working Group on their proposal for a RESTful approach to …
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  10. Back to Basics with Linked Data and HTTP


    6 December 2010 by Ian Davis

    In the Semantic Web, it is not the Semantic which is novel, it is the Web That quote, attributed to …
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