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  1. Charlie versus the Mushroom Planet

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    13 July 2012 by Ian Davis

    Earlier today, during an extended twitter conversation on favourite books from childhood I tweeted the following: Wish there was a …
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  2. Feynman on Science


    12 July 2012 by Ian Davis

    Richard Feynman

    I admire Richard Feynman hugely and I regret that I did not discover him earlier in my life. I first …
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  3. Quick Update

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    15 May 2012 by Ian Davis

    It’s been a few weeks since my last personal update so I thought I’d give you a quick overview of …
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  4. Blog Housekeeping

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    8 May 2012 by Ian Davis

    I’m doing some housekeeping on my blog which means that old posts are showing up in RSS feeds and occassionally …
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  5. Laptop

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    17 April 2012 by Ian Davis

    At the beginning of March I bought myself a new laptop. I didn’t want a Dell because I’ve had endless …
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  6. A Brief Update

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    29 March 2012 by Ian Davis

    After my last post I received an overwhelming number of messages offering support and advice, many from total strangers. I …
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  7. In Between Times


    17 March 2012 by Ian Davis

    Things are changing in my life which means I’ll be writing a lot more on this blog about me and …
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