Weblogs as Distributed Conversations


2 November 2002 by Ian Davis

Weblogs have created up a completely new mode of communication: the distributed conversation. It’s like reading a newsgroup or mailing list where the messages are much richer and more expressive but the thread of conversation is obscured beyond belief. Here’s a great example: on my aggregator page I saw a post by Rafe Colburn, Post EJB, which referred to a post on Russell Beatties weblog, which in turn referred to a post on Carlos Perez’s weblog, which was quoting a post on James Strachan’s weblog, which was quoting a post on Andres Aguiar’s weblog which was quoting an article on

What I need is a threading weblog reader that will tie all these weblog entries together into an outline so that I can read each one in context. There should be some way of doing this via RSS, perhaps using Kevin Burton’s RSS link module to define the in reference to links. Is there anything like this out there already and if not, does anyone want to collaborate on building one?

One thought on “Weblogs as Distributed Conversations

  1. Phil Ringnalda says:

    Closest I’ve seen so far was Shelley Powers’ Threadneedle ( mostly discussed at ), but it met with the harsh reality of inclusiveness requiring featurelessness.

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